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The Seer of Light

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Name:Rose Lalonde
Birthdate:Jan 17
Location:New York, United States of America
You are Rose Lalonde, a 13-year-old girl who was until recently quite normal. Then you began to play a very silly and yet also intriguing game with your friends, and everything changed. You now are now the Seer of Light, a designation that will remain with you regardless of how hard you have decided to screw destiny. Your hair is an indeterminate pale colour, and your eyes match the colour of your text.

Though you have many INTERESTS, most of them are no longer relevant to you, or anyone else around you.

Your typing quirk is to have perfect grammar and syntax.

This journal is for roleplaying purposes only. The typist is neither Rose Lalonde, nor Andrew Hussie, and derives no profit herefrom.

Interests (21):

being a seer, cats, david strider, derse, exiles, grimdarkness, jade harley, jaspers, john egbert, knitting, lolar, magic, sburb, skaia, the furthest ring, the green sun, the medium, the zoologically dubious, trolls, wands, wizards
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